Baltic Denture System - Digital solution for dentures

The Baltic Denture System process opens up a new way of fabricating full dentures in a digital workflow. Merging dental work steps and digital processes in the lab stands for quality and economy. Reduced manual work, predictable results, high material quality and reproducibility are the quintessence of this innovative concept.

The Baltic Denture System consistently combines laboratory digital fabrication of full dentures with a reduced number of dental work steps. Bit registration and the aesthetic analysis are optimised in the dental practice using an innovative procedure, and the information gained is reliably transferred to the digital laboratory system. 
BDLoad is the world's first milling blank with integrated, functional dental set-up. Function and aesthetics are integrated in the blank. Unification of the patient's individual data with the predefined function of the blank takes place in the BDCreator software. CNC processing of the BDLoad ensures a precise fit of the high quality full denture fabricated.