Promolux High Impact

Promolux High Impact

Denture base acrylic for partial, full and implant supported prosthetics. Complies with all requirements for High Impact acrylics according to EN ISO 20795-1 type 1 class 1.


  • 300% higher impact resistance compared to conventional
    heat-curing acrylics
  • 200% higher impact strength compared to conventional
    heat-curing acrylics
  • residual monomer < 2%
  • cadmium and Phthalate free
  • easy handling
  • for the injection and tamping-pressing method
  • usual application and processing
  • easy to polish
  • colours coordinated with the Merz Dental denture base
  • colour stable thanks to advanced catalyst system
  • high plaque-resistance thanks to most modern PMMA-formulation
  • biocompatibility tested
  • for additions and relines


pink L1 C34*
100 g
1,000 g

*dark pink-opaque, veined

100 ml
500 ml
1,000 ml