Colour-stable and precision-fit cold-curing prosthetic acrylic of outstanding quality. Due to its unique polymer and monomer formulation it is suitable for all indications and processes within the injection, press and pouring method.


  • reliable and simple to measure powder-liquid system
  • suitable for the injection, press and pouring method
  • reliable, colour-stable storage and processing
  • high flexural strength tolerates large undercuts such as maxillary
    tuber during devesting
  • excellent polishing features
  • superior colour stability
  • colours are coordinated with all Merz Dental denture base materials
  • high plaque-resistance thanks to most modern PMMA-formulation
  • no late discolouring thanks to advanced catalyst system
  • biocompatibility tested
  • cadmium free

Weropress® LT

(Long Time) Monomer

  • for an extended processing time of 2-3 min, in both the flow and plastic phase
  • longer flow phase, excellent flowability
  • longer plastic phase
  • improved accuracy of fit


pink pink veined H-pink clear C34* CS41** BD-Load pink
100 g
1,000 g
12 kg

*dark pink-opaque, veined

Weropress® 100 ml
Weropress® 1,000 ml
Weropress® LT 100 ml
Weropress® LT 1,000 ml