Combitray® LC tray material

Combitray® LC tray material

Light-curing preformed polymer trays for the fabrication of form-stable individual impression trays.


  • Excess material can be processed further
  • Easily mouldable, adaptable and precise to cut
  • Uniform layer thickness of approx. 2.2 mm
  • Long processing time under normal laboratory light
  • Can be hardened in standard light polymerisation devices (300 - 450 nm)
  • Low polymerisation shrinkage
  • Pleasant cutting behavior
  • Torsion resistant
  • Flexural strength 80 MPa
  • Flexural modulus 6,000 MPa
  • No distortion when immersed in disinfectant solutions and galvanic baths



  • form-stable, individual impression trays
  • functional trays
  • precise processing for fixed and removable dentures
  • interlocking of soldering models
  • fabrication of individual anterior guidance tables


  • box with 50 upper trays each