Efficiency for the dental professional


Efficiency for the dental professional

The dental procedure in the Baltic Denture System provides for impression-taking, bite registration and transfer. The BDKEY® Set, which was developed for this purpose, creates the process steps in the dental practice safely and quickly and transmits the key data to the lab.

In preparation for using the BDKEY® Set, functional impressions of the jaws must be taken. Prefabricated impression trays (e.g. impression trays according to Prof. Gutowski) can be used for this, so that the treatment steps can be reduced to two appointments, if desired. Alternatively, individual functional trays based on preliminary impressions can also be used.

The use of the BDKEY® Set enables the patient to experience the aesthetics and function of their future denture in the first appointment and to participate interactively in the creation of their dentures. In addition, travel dentures or replacement dentures can be created from the available data.

Your key to success

With the help of the BDKEY® Set, the optimal positioning of the teeth rows is determined according to functional and aesthetic aspects in the interalveolar area. The record and transfer of this important aesthetic and functional information can later be taken directly into the digital construction process in the dental laboratory.



  • Checking the aesthetics of the teeth rows as well as their correct positioning in the interalveolar area


  • Vertical and horizontal fastening of upper / lower KEY to determine the jaw relation

BDKEY® Plane & Fin

  • Visualisation of the occlusal plane and the centre of the face




  • 1 x BDKEY® PEEK (Upper & Lower KEY) each in size S / M / L
  • 10 x BDKEY® Lock
  • 2 x BDKEY® Plane & Fin
  • 2 x BDKEY® Connect