Extraoral scanner

Extraoral scanner


Dental scanner with innovative Blue LED technology, which enables fast and very precise scanning. Especially developed for scanning all kinds of dental models and impressions. We offer you a powerful and reliable system, easy and intuitive to use.


The scanBox is a fully automated, open 3D dental scanner. It can be used with every open CAD software. It is suited for beginners as well as professional users who look to easy, quick and cost-effective manufacturing. The scanBox is a safe investment as there are no licence fees for the scanner.

Vinyl Open Air

The Vinyl Open Air is a real eye-catcher and the only completely open scanner of the Vinyl series from smart optics. Its 180° opening offers the user enormous space for inserting the models during daily routines. Despite the missing lid, the productivity of the Vinyl series is also ensured with the Vinyl Open Air.

Vinyl UXD

An additional member was added to the Vinyl series in 2022, the Vinyl UXD. Two high-resolution cameras and an advanced 3D sensor contri-bute to optimal data acquisition. The user has the option to choose between four modes, which allows the number of cameras as well as their resolution to be defined. This offers the great advantage of creating a high-resolution data set with full scan coverage or a reduced data set to save time, depending on what is required.

Vinyl High Resolution

The Vinyl HR impresses with the highest precision in global and detail accuracy, which enables the user to scan every dental indication to the highest requirements.