Tooth lines from Merz Dental have always aimed to inspire people. The naturalness - with the exceptional aesthetics, colour fastness and function - makes our tooth lines so versatile in every material.

➤ Compatibly combinable
➤ Aesthetically flexible thanks to the size and mould mix
➤ Efficient in many ways
➤ Designed for people
➤ Perfect function


Size & Mould Mix

Natural, type-appropriate anterior aesthetics combinable with fully and semi-anatomical posterior solutions for modern prosthodontics. Tooth-to-two-tooth and tooth-to-tooth occlusion from vestibular in a tooth-to-two-tooth relation.

In combination with different tooth lines and tooth sizes:


Our fundamental quality features

  • AST - Active Shade Technology
  • 16 V shades (A1 - D4), 4 bleach shades (BL1 - BL4)
  • In addition to the brilliant layers, the colour formula ensures true shades according to the shade guide
  • Efficient range of moulds and sizes according to the patented CBI® system
  • PSG® - Preventive Shift Groove®
  • Basal groove prevents twisting and tipping during wax set-up
  • Tissue friendly, plaque resistant
  • Chemically resistant, colour stable
  • Very easy to process and polish
  • Self finding centric
  • Spherical approximal contacts

The right tooth material for every requirement


The CBI® System

The assignment to the C, B or I mould is based on the ratio between the maximum mesiodistal width and the enamel and refractive ridges in relation to the outer circumference of the upper anteriors. In this way, a successful and contemporary mould system for the Merz Dental veneers and tooth series was developed to imitate upper anteriors with a feminine and masculine appearance.