Creatively, aesthetically, efficiently combinable with the artegral® tooth series

The artVeneer® acrylic veneers can be combined 1: 1 with all moulds and sizes of the artegral® tooth series. Anterior and posterior veneers are designed according to the "sibling principle" thanks to the most modern digital mould construction. This opens up undreamt-of combination and solution possibilities in all quadrants for an aesthetically high-quality, functional dental restoration that can be reproduced at any time, especially for telescopic, conical, attachment constructions, bars, implant-supported dentures, model casting, cover dentures and so-called backward planning.

Complemented by a selection of the tooth-coloured PMMA acrylic components artDentine PLUS and artEnamel PLUS as well as a PreOpaker and matching opaques (also in two gingival colours), primers and bonders, the artConcept®PLUS product family meets contemporary requirements such as durability, plaque resistance, high strength at the same time elasticity and resistance to fractures especially in combined denture restorations.

Anterior Veneer

  • Identical in mould and function to the artegral® range of anterior teeth
  • Incisal back protection supports the incisor guidance, offers a moulding and modeling aid and an aesthetic reserve for metal edges
  • The approximal contour ensures the character of a single tooth and covers metal frameworks
  • Tooth neck contour facilitates adaptation to framework structures

Posterior Veneer

  • Identical in mould and function to the artegral® posterior range
  • Fully anatomical mould for veneering works in telescopic, attachment, bar and implant constructions
  • Applicable to all occlusion concepts
  • Bodily-formed like a natural tooth


  • Anteriors and posteriors made of highly cross-linked, filler- and fibre-free, abrasion-resistant OMP-N®

  • Homogeneity thanks to the PMMA-based artVeneer® and its acrylic components artDentine PLUS and artEnamel PLUS

  • High flexural strength of more than 90 MPa as well as high elasticity withstand the deformation stresses of combined denture restorations and model cast dentures

  • PMMA has a shock-absorbing effect, is permanently colour-stable with natural fluorescence and shade effects

  • Chemical bond between PMMA-based artVeneer® and artConcept®PLUS components and any conventional denture base acrylic

  • Tissue-friendly, plaque-resistant

  • Very easy to process and polish


Anterior moulds Upper Lower XL L M S XS
Available in 16 V-shades A1-D4 and Bleach BL1-BL4

Please find detailed information of moulds and sizes in the mould chart.