Based on the outstanding and proven tooth moulds and the functional properties of the artegral®, the artegral® life has been designed with a new shade brilliance, aesthetics and naturalness. Together with a successful surface texture, a natural opalescence and fluorescence, the novel, highly aesthetic and multi-complex layer concept creates the successful image of naturally looking anterior teeth, even in different light conditions. Incisal translucencies and subtle mamelons increase the depth of the anterior. In the posteriors, the additional reinforced circumferential enamel provides a 3-D effect with an occlusal depth effect and also serves as a grinding reserve for lasting aesthetics. The incisal translucency of the anteriors is an expression of juvenile vital teeth, which can be quickly and easily adapted to age by individual characterization. A special flanged design (layering) creates an excellent adaptation to the surrounding shades.

Merz Dental provides the matching artegral® life Shade Guide for the new artegral® life tooth line. The shade guide is available in 16 A - D and 4 bleach shades BL1 - BL4 and is used for easy and safe shade determination. The sample teeth on the shade guide are produced from OMP-N® material and are therefore identical in shade and layering to the artegral® life tooth line.

The sample teeth used in the artegral® life Shade Guide have no distinctive angular features and thus facilitate the shade determination of the reference teeth thanks to identical mesial / distal flanges.


  • Brilliant shade and light play with natural opalescence and fluorescence
  • Natural adaptation to surrounding shades through translucent flanges
  • Accentuated incisal edge with subtle mamelons
  • Life-like moulds and surface texture for light-optical effects
  • Simple individual characterization enables aesthetic vital teeth of all ages
  • Harmonious transition from anterior to posterior through shade-matched flanges
  • Physical-shaped moulds and sizes according to the CBI® system


  • Form, function and aesthetics - nature as a role model
  • Circumferential enamel with 3-D effect
  • Sustainable aesthetics thanks to "enamel grinding reserve"
  • Proven functional occlusal design
  • Declining cusp angle for different occlusional concepts
  • Moderate, fully anatomical occlusal surface morphology
  • Safe, unique centric determination with defined degree of freedom
  • Tooth-to-tooth relationship, vestibular as a tooth-to-two-tooth relationship
  • Integrated sagittal set-up aid
  • Applicable to all current occlusional concepts and full denture set-up methods
  • Basal groove, Preventive Shift Groove (PSG®) prevents twisting and tilting during wax-up


  • Unique, highly aesthetic multi-layer structure
  • Harmonious shade gradient for a brilliant natural opalescence and fluorescence in different light conditions
  • Anteriors and posteriors made of highly cross-linked, filler and fibre-free, abrasion-resistant OMP-N®
  • Ideal for hybrid and implant constructions
  • Anteriors and posteriors match the V-Classic shade system


Anterior moulds Upper Lower XL L M S XS
Available in 16 V-shades A1-D4 and Bleach BL1-BL4

Please find detailed information of moulds and sizes in the mould chart.