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artOpaque - tooth shades, tooth neck shades, gingiva shades

Bond tooth-, neck- and gingiva shades

How strong is the bond between the artOpaque opaque and the metal framework?

According to ISO 10477 it is necessary that the adhesive bond is at least 5 N / mm². The adhesive bond between the metal framework and artOpaque is 15 N / mm², which is 200% more than required by the standard.

The artOpaque opaque is light-curing. Is the connection between the opaque and dentine also guaranteed here?

There are opaques that combine optimally with both composite and PMMA. The components of artConcept are coordinated with one another in this regard.

Can an opaquer from another manufacturer be used?

In principle, this is possible as long as the processing of PMMA is guaranteed for this opaquer by its manufacturer according to the opaquer's instructions for use. This could possibly lead to colour deviations, as opaquers from other manufacturers with the same colour reference sometimes differ significantly in colour. This is due to the fact that all systems are individually coordinated, as is the artConcept. However, if there is a good shade match with our opaque and the above parameters are correct, nothing speaks against using them. Basically, however, it should be noted that a declaration of conformity must be submitted. Therefore, it is not recommended to mix materials from different suppliers. As a result, on the one hand, the warranty claim of the material manufacturer expires, and on the other hand, in the event of a recourse claim due to the declaration of conformity issued for this restoration, a need to provide evidence and thus also a need to provide an explanation could be provoked at the expense of the service provider.

Tooth neck colouration

Can tooth necks be coloured individually and is there a special system component?

Yes. A light-curing tooth neck-shaded opaque, the artOpaque C (C = Cervical), for the coloured neck characterisation of the artVeneer veneers.

Gingiva colours to cover frameworks

What gingiva-like colours can metal frameworks be covered with?

With artOpaque GUM, a light-curing gingiva-shaded opaquer and primer in one. The two colours DARK and LIGHT can be mixed with one another and thus cover a very broad gingival colour range.

Is a separate primer required for the gum-coloured opaque artOpaque GUM?

No, the light-curing, gum-coloured opaque contains a primer. Opaquing and priming take place in one step.

MIXABILITY artOpaque GUM, artOpaque 01, 02, 03

Can the artOpaque opaques be mixed together for customisation?

Yes, in terms of material, the artConcept opaque 01, 02, etc. are compatible.