artVeneer® life

artVeneer® life

Unique & ultra-thin ...

artVeneer®life are unique all-rounders and in combination with brilliant colors and light effects the complex set of rules of lifelike morphology and surface texture is newly defined.

The full-bodied tooth moulds of the artegral® life stay present in the artVeneer®life and, thanks to their three-dimensional, anatomical structure with multi-complex layering and the harmonious color gradient, provide the perfect veneer.

Ultra-thin artVeneer®life enable space-saving and efficient work. The nature-identical moulds lend acrylic veneers a natural look and integrate them into the harmonious overall picture of combined prosthetic work. The incisal back protection of the anterior veneers supports the incisal guidance, offers a contouring and modeling aid as well as an aesthetic reserve for metal edges.

The ready-made artVeneer®life veneers leave significantly more space for aesthetics, a better shade effect and more space for setting-up and processing.



  • Fast, efficient veneering
  • CAD/CAM-based Active Shade Technology (AST)
  • Abrasion resistant
  • High flexural strength
  • Shock-absorbing and permanently color-stable
  • True-to-life fluorescence and shade effect
  • Tissue-friendly, plaque-resistant
  • Very easy to process and polish


  • Ultra-thin, with a facet thickness of 0.5 mm - 1 mm
  • Identical in mould and function with the artegral® life denture teeth anteriors
  • Fully anatomical single tooth character
  • Incisal back protection supports the incisal guidance, offers a contouring and modeling aid as well as an aesthetic reserve for metal edges
  • Life-like light refraction and layering
  • Rounded transition in the area of the incisal edge for a soft gradient
  • Ultra-thin edges for a simple and quick adaptation to the prosthetic work


  • Identical in mould and function with the artegral® life denture teeth posteriors
  • Time-saving, quick adaption to telescopic crowns, bars or implant restorations
  • Multifunctional occlusal surface design, applicable to all occlusion concepts
  • Circumferential incisal edge with 3-D effect
  • Thanks to the occlusal grinding reserves within the occlusal surfaces, aesthetics last longer


  • Veneering of telescopic and conical crowns
  • Attachment constructions
  • Bar constructions
  • Implant constructions
  • Model casting
  • Coverdenture
  • Set-up for planning more complex prosthetic restorations
  • Aesthetic try-ins
  • Laboratory-made temporaries


Anteriors OK UK XL L M S XS
Available in 16 V-shades A1-D4 and Bleach BL1-BL4

Please find detailed information of moulds and sizes in the mould chart.