BDCreator® PLUS

Digital Denture - 100 % your way

BDCreator® PLUS

Digital Denture - 100 % your way

One software

  • All applications for removable full dentures in one software
  • No interruption of the workflow by third-party software
  • Including analyses, cutting functions and hole closures

All indications

  • Full dentures of all Angle classes (I-III)
  • Unimaxillary (single) dentures
  • Overdenture via attachment
  • Full immediate and interim dentures

Unlimited possibilities

Use all the flexibility you have when it comes to setting up and selecting manufacturing processes and materials. The BDCreator® PLUS S offers ready-to-use setups based on the Polystar® Selection EDITION anterior tooth and the DeltaForm® posterior tooth. The software guides you through the entire design and selection process, which can be done in a number of ways:

The BDCreator® PLUS is an open system. You are therefore completely free in the choice of the production method, your CAM or slicing software.


  • Preparatory work documents: functional trays, bite registrations, pin-point registrations
  • Try-in individualized
  • Denture base and dental arch for temporary use


  • BDLoad® TS: Try-In
  • BDLoad®: With an integrated occlusion concept
  • BDLoad® XP: With integrated posterior teeth in occlusion for customization with anterior teeth
  • Denture base + dental arch or Merz Dental prefabricated teeth – directly from the tray



Full denture

Full denture

  • Software-based model analysis supports the selection and size of the dental arch width
  • Automatic suggestion of the row of teeth
  • Mesh editing and analysis - quickly find gaps and errors in the data set
  • Import of STL data from models, impressions, bite registrations, BDKEY® Set or relined dentures

Single denture and overdenture over attachment

Single denture and overdenture over attachment

  • CAD construction of upper and lower full dentures
  • Interactive assistance in selecting the right row of teeth
  • Occlusal adjustments are implemented directly in the milling process

Full immediate and interim dentures

Full immediate and interim dentures

  • Mesh editing for quick fabrication of interim and immediate dentures
  • Cut and delete function
  • Erasing remaining dentition with intelligent gap closing function


For all indications of full dentures

  • Full dentures of all Angle classes (I-III)
  • Unimaxillary (single) dentures
  • Overdenture via attachment
  • ull immediate and interim dentures


Basic software

  • Full dentures for all Angle classes (I-III)
  • All applications in one software incl. fully adjustable virtual articulator
  • Efficient design in BDLoad® or individuality through digital repositioning of rows of teeth or individual teeth
  • Open production: Printing or milling in BDLoad®, BDLoad® XP, via FileSplit Gear dental arch and base or pockets


For everyone who want more:

Add-On 1

  • Dynamic occlusal correction
  • Design of work preparation documents: functional trays, bite registrations, pin-point registrations (gnathometer)

Add-On 2

  • Additionally 120 digital PreSets of the fully anatomical artegral life® in lingualized occlusion
  • Brilliance, aesthetics and naturalness in the digital manufacturing process
  • Digital repositioning of each tooth or group of teeth, individually or synchronously, in the axial and spatial direction
  • Adaptable for Angle classes I - III

System requirements

Microsoft Windows 11 64-bit (Build 1607 or higher)
CPU: Intel Core-i7 - 2600 (Socket 1155)
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 560 with 2GB video RAM
Screen resolution: 1080p (1920×1080 or higher)

Minimum requirements:
Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit
CPU: Quad-core and 2.8 Ghz
Graphics: 1GB video RAM from Nvidia or ATI, at least DirectX 11 capable.
Screen resolution: 1080p (1920×1080 or higher)