Polystar® Selection EDITION

The modern art of teeth

Polystar® Selection EDITION

The modern art of teeth

Polystar® Selection EDITION our successful tooth with a variety of moulds, in sophisticated aesthetics and contemporary universal form and function.

The right teeth for every situation: The Polystar® Selection EDITION System

  • Furthermore, depending on the type of restoration, you can choose between two different materials amongst the posterior teeth.
  • The organically filled HMP-N® is the ideal choice of material for periodontal and implant-supported dentures in tooth-to-tooth relationship, while the filler-free OMP-N® is still convincing for the purely gingival accentuated denture in tooth-to-tooth relationship.
  • For the classic and system-oriented tooth-to-two-tooth set-up, we recommend the transversely narrower Polystar®Selection EDITION 2, which provides more tongue space.

The all-rounder with a decisive plus

Anterior and posterior teeth are semi-anatomically harmonious and enable perfect prosthetic solutions with a natural look. Even after grinding, the complex layering guarantees colour stability.


  • Efficient range of moulds and sizes according to the patented CBI® system
  • Brilliance and individual shade differentiation
  • Lifelike mamelon design
  • Natural light refraction


  • Semi-anatomical
  • Reliable centric finding with a defined degree of freedom
  • Spherical proximal contacts for a sagittal set-up aid
  • For current occlusion concepts, also suitable for canine-premolar guidance
  • Preventive Shift Groove (PSG®) prevents twisting and tilting in the wax-up
  • Reduced contour of the tooth base for quick adaptation to the jaw contour


  • Anteriors and posteriors made of highly cross-linked, filler- and fibre-free, abrasion-resistant OMP-N®
  • Posterior teeth, especially for secondary and tertiary structures, also available in highly modified polymer network HMP-N®
  • Tissue-friendly, plaque-resistant
  • Chemically resistant, colour stable
  • Very easy to process and to polish


Anterior moulds Upper Lower XL L M S
Available in all 16 classic V-shades and 4 bleach-shades BL1 - BL4

For detailed information about the variety of moulds and sizes, please refer to the Polystar® Selection EDITION mould chart.