Printer compatibility overview

M-PRINT 3D printing liquids are generally compatible with DLP printers with a wavelength of 385 nm. Print parameters are available for the following printers.

M-PRINT Proto (clear, cobalt-blue) M-PRINT Cast M-PRINT Model (ash-gray, sand, taupe-grey) M-PRINT Tray (aqua, hot-pink) M-PRINT Surgical Guide M-PRINT Surgical Guide HT M-PRINT Splint M-PRINT Splint flex
M-PRINT 363+ / Lab 370 / IMD
Carima IMD
W2P SolFlex / SolLab
VOCO SolFlex 650 / 350 / 170
Rapid Shape D20+ / D30+ / D40+ o o
Asiga Pico / PRO / MAX / PRO 4K
Ackuretta FreeShape 120
DEKEMA trix print²
Nexa 3D XiP o o o o o o
o Parameters under evaluation


Download print parameters

Please find below the print parameters (build styles) of the M-PRINT 3D printing materials. Parameters for other printers are available via software updates from the respective manufacturers.