Oriented on the demands for manufacturing removable superstructures, the artegral® tooth series meets contemporary requirements. The special features of the artegral® include corporeality like a natural tooth, universal function even with natural antagonists, a moderate cusp inclination and time-saving handling.

The surface texture, in conjunction with the labial flanges, creates a natural light refraction. The integration of the natural course of the flanges gives a single tooth character that has not yet been achieved with prefabricated teeth. Volume there, where it makes sense, so that precision anchoring elements, telescopes and implants can be covered with ease.

The set-up of the posterior teeth is efficiently supported by an integrated set-up aid. Regardless of the occlusion concept, the posterior teeth find their way safely into the tripodised centric. Sagittal and transversal compensation curves are set almost automatically, especially with coverdentures or full denture restorations.

Thanks to the CAD/CAM manufacturing process the teeth are mirrored, there is no difference between the right and left side. As a result, even guidance paths are guaranteed in the balanced occlusion under tooth contact.

Contemporary removable prosthetics require intelligent materials. They should be abrasion resistant and fracture-proof to guarantee a long wearing life in tertiary structures. Two material compositions are available for the artegral® posterior: Filler-free Organic Modified Polymer-Network - OMP-N® and artegral® HD with inorganic, Highly Modified Polymer-Network


  • Moulds and sizes according to the CBI® system
  • Natural light refraction
  • Natural design of the approximal surface
  • Palatal functional form with natural contour of the protrusion path for deep bite set-up without enlarging the sagittal step
  • Ideal for hybrid and implant constructions as well as for full and partial dentures


  • Moderate, fully anatomical occlusal surface morphology
  • Safe, clear finding centric with a defined degree of freedom
  • Tooth-to-tooth relationship, vestibularly as a tooth-to-two-tooth relationship
  • Integrated sagittal set-up aid
  • Designed for natural and artificial antagonists
  • Full-bodied single tooth character
  • Applicable to all current occlusion concepts as well as full denture set-up methods
  • Basal groove, Preventive Shift Groove (PSG®) prevents twisting and tilting during wax up
  • The reduced contour of the tooth base makes it easier to adapt to the alveolar ridge contour


  • Anteriors and posteriors made of highly cross-linked, filler and fibre-free, abrasion-resistant OMP-N®
  • Posteriors, especially for secondary and tertiary structures, also made from highly modified polymer network - HMP-N®
  • Tissue-friendly, plaque-resistant
  • Chemically resistant, colour stable
  • Very easy to process and to polish


Anterior moulds Upper Lower XL L M S XS
Available in 16 V-shades A1-D4 and Bleach BL1-BL4.

Please find detailed information of moulds and sizes in the mould chart.