FAQs projectAR

Before using the glasses, please read the provided instructions carefully and familiarise yourself with the glasses.

For further information please visit:


How can I improve the fit of my glasses?

You can adjust the glasses to your head shape using the adjustable nose clip and the supplied silicone grips which can be attached to the temples.
Please, also use the headband for a secure fit (applies for projectAR 300).

Why don’t the glasses start?

Please make sure that the glasses are fully charged before using them for the first time.

How do I activate the key lock on the touchpad?

Please press the button on the left-hand side of the touchpad for approx. 5 seconds to activate/ deactivate the key lock.

How can I extend the battery life of my glasses?

The fully charged battery will last up to approx. 3-4 hours during normal operating mode. If you don’t use the glasses, it is recommended to put them in “sleep mode” (details please see below) to extend the battery life up to 8 hours.

How do I turn the glasses into “sleep mode“?

Please press briefly the on/off button of the glasses to active and deactivate the “sleep mode”.

The pAR software cannot find the computer for the transfer.

Please make sure that your Wi-Fi is set to “private” in the network settings. Open the network settings by clicking on the Wi-Fi symbol in the lower right corner of your desktop. You will get to the corresponding settings via the menu item properties. Close the software both on the glasses and on the computer and restart it.

Can I adapt the image section in the glasses?

You can create your own image section in the pAR software on your computer/laptop by using the menu item “device”.

The image transmission in the glasses is breaking up repeatedly.

Please set the network speed to “slow” by using the corresponding menu item setting in the pAR software on your computer/laptop. Furthermore, please make sure that both the glasses and your computer/laptop are still Wi-Fi connected.

The image transmission in the glasses is white.

The glasses as well as your computer/laptop must be connected to the same Wi-Fi for the image transmission. Moreover, please check that the signal strength of your Wi-Fi is at least “good”.


The software “Bonjour” is necessary for the image transmission. Installation is available via the projectAR portal: www.my-projectAR.com


Please close the software both on the glasses and on the computer/laptop followed by a restart.

The license key of the pAR software is not accepted.

Please contact Merz Dental directly via e-mail at info@merz-dental.de or via phone at +49 4381 / 4030.

How can I register a second pair of glasses for my scanner?

Please use the projectAR portal at www.my-projectAR.com. Please use the item “Add License“ in the menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen. Please enter the license key of the second pair of glasses.