The perfect reproduction of the natural proportions and aesthetics, as represented by the ingenious Michelangelo Buonarroti in his sculptures, was the aim with which this world's first fully anatomical tooth series was developed.

The elaborate layer structure with its characteristic dentin fingers, the opalescent transparent edge and the lifelike light refraction on the incisal edge is consistently orientated on its natural model, the juvenile tooth.

The functional superiority of the integral® is reflected in the applicability of all contemporary occlusion concepts. From full balanced to sequential guidance to anterior guidance, the fully anatomical occlusal surfaces always allow a clear centric finding with physiological freedom. Even with teeth in close proximity, the naturally designed palatal surfaces on the one hand support the guidance of the anterior teeth, on the other hand they allow comfortable freedom of movement for the patient.


  • Juvenile accentuated moulds and sizes according to the CBI® system
  • Lifelike layering from the depths, natural interaction between transparency and opalescence
  • Natural looking surface structure
  • True-to-life reproduction of tooth moulds, including palatal surfaces and roots


  • Fully anatomical, juvenile occlusal surface anatomy
  • Clear centric finding through tripodization in tooth-to-tooth relationship, appearing vestibularly as tooth-to-two tooth relationship
  • Safe centric with a defined degree of freedom with maximum masticating performance by means of the “Polz elements”
  • Full-bodied single tooth character
  • Applicable to all current occlusion concepts as well as full denture set-up methods
  • Basal groove, Preventive Shift Groove (PSG®) prevents twisting and tilting during wax up
  • The reduced contour of the tooth base makes it easier to adapt to the alveolar ridge contour



  • Highly cross-linked, filler and fibre-free, abrasion-resistant OMP-N®
  • Tissue-friendly, plaque-resistant
  • Chemically resistant, colour stable
  • Very easy to process and to polish


Anterior moulds Upper Lower L M S XS
special UBLL
Available in 16 V-shades and 4 Bleach shades BL1 - BL4

For detailed information about the variety of moulds and sizes, please refer to the integral® mould chart.