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In the Baltic Denture System we have concentrated decades of experience in prosthetics and the development of teeth and are the innovation leader in the production of digital full dentures. Our philosophy of full dentures, based on Prof. Dr. Gerber and TiF, which have already been implemented in 3 arc widths in BDLoad®, have now also been transferred to 120 artegral® life presets. We accompany you along the entire path of your digital denture workflow with innovative materials and our expertise bundled in the BDCreator® PLUS. Traditional knowledge is implemented intuitively in the software with simple, logical design steps.

Take your full denture workflow to the next level with the BDCreator® PLUS  and integrate the digitally supported processes into existing processes according to your requirements.

➤ One software

With the BDCreator® PLUS you get all the applications you need for digital full dentures.

➤ All indications

Produce full dentures of all Angle classes in your digital workflow.

➤ Unlimited possibilities

Decide effortlessly between efficiency, individuality or aesthetics. Simply use the BDCreator® PLUS in your existing workflow. Get started with the production of work preparation.




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