Combipress N/LM

Combipress N/LM

Especially developed for combination and hybrid restorations, colour stable cold-curing polymer on a methylmethacrylate basis for efficient and economical possessing. The long pouring time of 3 minutes ensures certainty and flexibility when processing more than three acrylic saddles. Thanks to the elongated modelling phase (LM) controlled by the polymer extensive restorations can be processed at the same time. Discolouration resistance, high final hardness and mucous membrane compatibility are further outstanding features.


  • reliable and simple to measure powder-liquid system
  • excellent flow characteristics with a time-controllable transition to
    modelation phase (N and LM)
  • safe stability enables a simple processing of several saddles
  • high resistance
  • quick achievement of high final hardness with little rest monomer
    content and mucous membrane compatibility
  • excellent polishing features
  • highest colour stability
  • colours are coordinated with all Merz Dental denture base
  • high plaque resistance thanks to cutting-edge PMMA-formulation
  • no late discolouring thanks to advanced catalyst system
  • biocompatibility tested
  • cadmium free


pink pink veined BD-Load pink clear C34*
Combipress N 100 g
Combipress N 1.000 g
Combipress N 12 kg
Combipress LM 100 g
Combipress LM 1.000 g

*dark pink-opaque, veined

Combipress N/LM 100 ml
Combipress N/LM 500 ml
Combipress N/LM 1.000 ml