Wax Spacer

Wax Spacer

according to Prof. Dr. Dr. Arnim Godt & Daniel Schweizer, Certified Dental Technician

Intraoral diagnostic set-up for neurocentric registration.The wax spacer is a physiological registration for determining predefined bite heights. The wax spacer precisely measures the exact position of the lower jaw to the upper jaw. The bite-resistant insert (spacer) incorporated in the wax wall ensures that the jaw relation is determined which includes the desired bite increase and a constant interocclusal distance. Therefore, the patient himself determines the positional relationship in the transverse and sagittal relation of both jaws with the intended bite height. During bite registration of dentulous jaws and prosthetic restorations the spacer ensures that the patient cannot bite through to the final occlusion, but only until the built-in stop (spacer). A cusp-to-cusp contact is therefore prevented.

  • The wax spacer determines a defined bite raise without complex measurement of the
    temporomandibular joint rotation.

  • The wax spacer is available in different thicknesses (colour-coded) for different heights.
    Thus, the exact positioning of the lower jaw can be ensured in the therapeutic position.

  • The wax spacer is a reliable physiological bite registration to register the position of the
    temporomandibular joint in different distances between the rows of teeth to each other.


  • defined bite height
  • easy handling
  • consistent results
  • defined target position of the lower jaw
  • visual control of bite depth as colour of insert is showing

The spacer prevents early contacts. Thus, the cusp-fossa relationship, in consideration of the discocondylar complex, is determined while maintaining the defined height.


Physiological bite registration for splint therapy, sleep therapy and orthodontics to determine the interocclusal distance with a defined bite height (1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm).

  • occlusal splints / bite splints
  • adjusted occlusal splints
  • bite raising splints
  • in preparation for occlusal onlays
  • use in sleep therapy
  • use in orthodontics
  • bionator acc. to Balters


  • Immerse the wax spacer in a container with 45°C warm water for 20 - 25 seconds before use.
  • After insertion into the mouth and slight adaptation to the upper or lower jaw row of teeth, bring the lower jaw into the target position.
  • Allow the patient to slowly bite together until he feels a noticeable resistance and stops. Then remove the bite and carry out a visual check.
  • The correct bite depth can be seen as the colour of impression changes.

The wax spacer can then be used in the usual way in the dental laboratory.


  • Pack of 20 wax spacers in
    • bite height 1 mm, colour dark blue
    • bite height 2 mm, colour mid blue
    • bite height 3 mm, colour light blue
  • Set of 3 wax spacers
    (one of each 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm)