Prosthetic Color System

PremEco® Line

Prosthetic Color System

PremEco® Line

Colour comes from within

Cold-curing polymer colours on an MMA base for the individual colour design of the artificial gingival for the completion of dentures. Standard and intensive colours enable the creation of the most sophisticated esthetic solutions.


  • due to chemically homogeneous MMA base, strong bond with PremEco® Line denture cast resin
  • easy processing due to direct application in the duplicating mould (gel, hydrocolloid or silicone)
  • form and colour design
  • extremely easy to polish
  • colour-stable
  • minimal polymer shrinking
  • small, efficient variety in order to fulfil the highest esthetic demands


Set 1

  • standard shades à 8 g (shell (light pink), coral (reddish), anemone (bluish))
  • standard shades à 8 g (opal (white), topaz (ochre), ruby (red), sapphire (blue))

Set 2

  • standard shades à 35 g (shell (light pink), coral (reddish), anemone (bluish))
  • intensiv shades à 8 g (opal (white), topaz (ochre), ruby (red), sapphire (blue))


Refills à 100 g / à 35 g / à 8 g