M-ZR multilayer HT

M-ZR multilayer HT

High performance in a nutshell.


The M-ZR multilayer HT zirconium discs are suitable for single crowns and/or bridges of up to 3 units in the anterior and posterior region (max. 1 pontic). As a result of the favourable coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 10,4 x 10-6K-1 most veneering ceramics can be used.


The 5-layer shade composition with its gentle, flowing shade gradient ensures nature-identical aesthetics.

  • pre-sintered, fully stabilised zirconium oxide with a cubic-tetragonal microstructure. The cubic crystals occupy a larger volume than tetragonal crystals. This means that light has to overcome fewer interfaces, which leads to higher transparency and therefore improved aesthetics. The material also has greater strength and higher fracture toughness as compared with a lithium disilicate ceramic.


The uniaxially pre-compressed and isostatically post- compressed M-ZR multilayer HT zirconium discs excel with their uniform density, good milling properties, high edge stability and precise fitting results.
With a flexural strength of 840 MPa, the new multi-layer zirconium offers high stability for monolithic crowns and bridges in the anterior and posterior region.


  • uniform density
  • good milling properties
  • high edge stability
  • precise fitting results
  • 5-layer shade composition

Technical Data

Technical Data
Density 6.03 g x cm-3
CTE value 10.4 x 10-6K-1
3-point flexural strength 840 MPa
Translucency 42% (0.5 mm); 35% (1.0 mm)
Material TOSOH
Sintering temperature 1450 °C


  • for manufacturing fixed dental prostheses
  • for single crowns and/or bridges of up to 3 units in the anterior and posterior region (max. 1 pontic)
  • fully anatomical crowns and bridges
  • individual anterior crowns and bridges fabricated with the cut-back process


Shade A1 A2 A3
Ø 98 x 14 mm
Ø 98 x 18 mm
Ø 98 x 22 mm