Thanks to continued developments in mechanical and physical properties as well as the paste consistency of the acrylic material, Promolux can be processed reliably, easily and for a variety of applications regardless of the system in question using the conventional flask and injection moulding procedures.


  • reliable and simple to measure powder-liquid system
  • can be processed with the injection and tamping-pressing method
  • easy processing
  • extremely robust
  • easy to polish
  • high final hardness
  • colour stability
  • colours co-ordinated with the Merz Dental denture base materials
  • high plaque-resistance thanks to most modern PMMA-formulation
  • no late discolouring thanks to advanced catalyst system
  • biocompatibility tested
  • cadmium free


pink pink veined H-pink clear C34* CS41**
100 g
1.000 g
12 kg

*dark pink-opaque, veined

100 ml
500 ml
1.000 ml