Gingiva Set

Whether youthful or age-appropriate, the color design of the gingiva represents a major challenge. With ILLUSION Gingiva Color and Paste there are no limits to the design. Whether marginal or attached gingiva, ILLUSION has the properties to imitate the individuality of a natural pink aesthetic with little



Lifelike design of the gingiva

ILLUSION Color and Paste gingiva shades are unique as they enable the natural design of the gingiva parts of monolithic or ceramic restorations whenever soft tissue is missing, for example when working on implant-supported restorations or bridges.

The new ILLUSION Paste gingiva shades in combination with the ILLUSION Color gingiva shades cover the entire shade spectrum of the marginal gingiva, the attached gingiva, up to the alveolar mucosa in the fold area.


ILLUSION Color und Paste
for the production and characterisation of crowns & bridges made of:

  • Monolithic zirconium dioxide (Y-TZP)
  • Metal ceramic
  • Pressed ceramic
  • Lithium disilicate (monolithic)
  • Lithium disilicate (veneered)
  • Zirconia (veneered)


Particularly suitable for the characterisation of monolithic anterior crowns and bridges using the

  • Cut-Back / Color and Micro-Layering Technique



  • Basic Set - an impressive large variety
  • Professional Set - a well-thought-out system of stains and pastes for the full range of all types of monolithic or ceramic restorations
  • Gingiva Set - for imitating the natural gingiva




  • Body à 4 g (A fluor, B fluor, C fluor, D fluor)
  • Gingiva à 3 g (GUM red purple, GUM rose, GUM rose pink, GUM coral red intensive, GUM red intensive)
  • Effect à 3 g (orange fluor, smoke fluor, red brown fluor, light orange fluor, khaki fluor, olive fluor, grey fluor, dark brown fluor, yellow fluor)
  • Enamel à 3 g (white fluor, pigeon blue fluor, blue fluor)


  • Enamel à 4 g (incisal 2, n-light, transpa blue, clear, bleach 1, glaze)
  • Transpa à 4 g (transpa orange, transpa pink, transpa amber, opal)
  • Gingiva à 4 g (GUM violet, GUM brown pink, GUM orange, GUM flamingo, GUM shell, GUM dark pink, GUM dark brown, GUM neutral, GUM C34)
  • Dentine 4 g, A2
  • Character 4 g, transpa fosse


  • glaze fluor 5 g
  • glaze 5 g


  • glaze liquid 25 ml
  • paste liquid 25 ml