mμILLUSION Color & Paste

mμILLUSION Color & Paste

Paste ceramics and colors for the Micro-Layering Technique

ILLUSION fulfils the demand to meet the changed requirements for the production of monolithic and ceramic restorations. With an exclusive ILLUSION range of stains and pastes that are perfectly coordinated in terms of color, it is possible to create perfect restorations with just one firing. The potential of ILLUSION Pastes is particularly evident in high-end anterior tooth reconstruction. In the cut-back technique, supplemented by micro-layering, the works convince with optimal light dynamics, of course while guaranteeing translucency, opalescence and fluorescence. Even with a small layer thickness of of 0.2 mm to 0.8 mm, ILLUSION Pastes create works with a sculptural depth effect like natural teeth.



ILLUSION Pastes can be applied to the tooth surfaces with minimal effort. Light and shadow reinforce the textures on the tooth surface in different light conditions. The desired result is already visible when applying the colors and pastes and thus enables optimal control of the firing result. Due to the special property of plasticity, minimally invasive layering can be carried out to adjust the subtleties in shape and morphology.



  • The ILLUSION range with its sophisticated system of stains and pastes is suitable for
  • covering the entire color spectrum of teeth and gingiva.
  • Amazingly simple for reliable, natural results with high flexibility
  • Fast with the 1-firing technique and individual with the 2-firing technique
  • High colour stability for maximum aesthetics
  • Controlled, targeted working before firing, thanks to low shrinkage and color stability, achieving the same result after firing.
  • Natural translucency, opalescence and fluorescence
  • Nature-identical appearance of the tooth surfaces due to natural light refraction index
  • Three-dimensionality and light dynamics through layer thicknesses of 0.8 mm cut-back technique


Depth effect with 3D effect

Layer thicknesses for the Micro-Layering-Technique

  • ILLUSION Color with excellent color coverage from 0.02 mm.
  • ILLUSION Paste presents monolithic crowns from 0.2 mm a three-dimensional structure with lifelike translucency, natural fluorescence and opalescence. The unique paste consistency and particle distribution ensures mouldability during layering and stability during firing with layers up to 0.8 mm.


ILLUSION Color und Paste
for the production and characterisation of crowns & bridges made of:

  • Monolithic zirconium dioxide (Y-TZP)
  • Metal ceramic
  • Pressed ceramic
  • Lithium disilicate (monolithic)
  • Lithium disilicate (veneered)
  • Zirconia (veneering ceramic)


Particularly suitable for the characterisation of monolithic anterior crowns and bridges using the

  • Cut-Back / Color and Micro-Layering Technique



  • Basic Set - an impressive large variety
  • Professional Set - a well-thought-out system of stains and pastes for the full range of all types of monolithic or ceramic restorations
  • Gingiva Set - for imitating the natural gingiva




  • Body à 4 g (A fluor, B fluor, C fluor, D fluor)
  • Gingiva à 3 g (GUM red purple, GUM rose, GUM rose pink, GUM coral red intensive, GUM red intensive)
  • Effect à 3 g (orange fluor, smoke fluor, red brown fluor, light orange fluor, khaki fluor, olive fluor, grey fluor, dark brown fluor, yellow fluor)
  • Enamel à 3 g (white fluor, pigeon blue fluor, blue fluor)


  • Enamel à 4 g (incisal 2, n-light, transpa blue, clear, bleach 1, glaze)
  • Transpa à 4 g (transpa orange, transpa pink, transpa amber, opal)
  • Gingiva à 4 g (GUM violet, GUM brown pink, GUM orange, GUM flamingo, GUM shell, GUM dark pink, GUM dark brown, GUM neutral, GUM C34)
  • Dentine 4 g, A2
  • Character 4 g, transpa fosse


  • glaze fluor 5 g
  • glaze 5 g


  • glaze liquid 25 ml
  • paste liquid 25 ml